Oct 062009

Well, here we go – progress – kind of! We got the fridge moved and the old crusty linoleum up and even figure out that we don’t have to move the light switch like we thought we did (that’s what happens when you do like 10 designs with 3 designers..you forget who has what – which prompted an hour of spastic remeasuring and double checking to be sure we indeed had the right cabinets!)

So, the hole where the fridge belongs. The goal is to get that tiled, grouted and get the fridge back in next weekend as well as get the surrounding cabinets hung. The bucket is catching the drips from the ice maker hose that we can’t quite fully cap. Mark needs to install a valve – maybe tonight.

The rest of my kitchen, notice the stove in the middle of the room. It had to be move to get the tile out from under it and to allow us to put new tile under it so it matches the countertop height! The dishwasher was a different problem that will likely have to be tackled by a pro!

And my fridge, on the opposite side of the kitchen – talk about weird. You dont realize how automatic your movements are until you go to reach for the fridge where it used to be only to fall into the void. We only broke one tile getting that sucker over there. Now we have to chisle that tile out and replace it…fun fun…
And lastly, my dining room table. We’re resorting to eating in the sun room on our old kitchen table (with lots of layers since it’s quite chilly in the AM now). This is only the bottom of one closet and one small cabinet. We’re in real trouble with we have to fully empty the pantry to demo it!
If anyone is close and has boxes, please consider donating them to our cause:) We have to empty the rest of the closets soon and I have no idea what I’m going to do with all the cans – I’m trying hard to eat them all before we get there….time to get creative with the recipes!

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