Oct 262009

Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate having insurance and understand that not everyone does but O. M. G. can’t they get anything right?

Word to the wise, always (ALWAYS) double check your invoices and insurance statements. I don’t think I’ve had one come back correct yet – lab work is the worst. I just lost an hour of my life calling LabCorp and then Anthem and then calling LabCorp and then finally back to Anthem to straighten out nearly $1200 worth of bills that they (Anthem) continues to deny for one reason or another (none of which are valid after talking to them).

Had I not looked closely I would have just sucked it up and paid figuring my insurance was legitimately not covering it but in tiny print it tells me that they denied it because I needed to bill my primary coverage first – what?! They are my primary! Anywho…a hour, a few grey hairs, and about a year off my life I think it’s straight. All is in Anthem’s hands to pay and we’ll see if that happens in 14 – 30 days!

Argh…okay, vent over!

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