Oct 052009

So, I thought headaches are part of the first trimester fun – not the second! This is supposed to be my “honeymoon” trimester and I should feeling better than ever – wrong! For about 4 weeks straight I’d been plagued by nearly daily headaches that only sometimes respond to Tylenol. It was quite frustrating I tell ya! By about 3:00pm I was done – I’d need to go hide my head and try to sleep it off. However, that didn’t quite work when I have to work until 6 or 8pm still…

I tried just about every remedy in the book:
– can of coke (works about 25% of the time – often combined with the tylenol)
– Tylenol (i worry about the amt of tylenol i’ve been ingesting. I try to keep it to one dose a day but for a while there it was one dose every freakin day!)
– Sudafed (but only after dr’s approval – and only once every now and then as some of these seem to be sinus related)
– hot/cold compresses
– hot (well, warm) shower
– pressure points (provided temporary relief of the most major throbbing)
– massage (DH was an angel and really rubbed my shoulders good one night…ah…heaven!)
– copious amts of fluid

Then I started to notice that I didn’t have headaches the days I wasn’t staring at the computer all day or days that I got a good exercise session in and put two and two together. Combined with sitting in the same position all day and starting at a glaring screen, my head was rebelling and telling me to stop working. Funny how your body makes you do what it needs!

So, I need to adjust my time management schedule and make sure I’m taking 15 min breaks every hour or so and just get up, walk around, and not look at the computer screen. Plus, i’m making sure that i’m getting out every day and walking for at least 30 min (if not swimming or hiking etc..). I still get the sinus headaches due to the weather changes and my lovely engorged mucus membranes (thanks Estrogen!) but those respond well to Sudafed and Tylenol when needed (which i try to stay away from but there are those days when you can’t just hide your head)

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