Sep 162009

So, our kitchen is a mess! Not only have I not done dishes in a few days (ick…i’m lazy!) but we have construction material everywhere! It’s an obstacle course to get in there however, there has been progress!

We have 1/2 of the tile floor down and grouted (save for 2 or three pieces that were just cut the other day). Plus we got the underfloor heating in and the electrical run up the wall. Next steps (for our next free weekend or random weeknight):

-move the light switch on the other side of the room to make room for cabinets
-move the fridge
-tile and grout under fridge
-build and install fridge cabinets

Once we have that done we can demo the old pantry (because now we’ll have the new pantry to put the food in), patch the wall, tile what we can without removing the cabinets and then finally removing the cabinets, finish tiling and hanging the new ones.

At this point that wont happen until Nov at some point but we’re making progress! Now, if both of our jobs would slow down a bit so we can do work in the evenings we might get all the tile down before I can’t crawl around on the floor (it’s getting tricky that’s for sure!)

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