Sep 022009

Nothing like a baking baby to get the ball rolling on a full kitchen gut job and reno!

Backstory: So, we’ve been wanting to reno the kitchen since we bought this place. It has white laminate counter tops that are broken, warped and cracked in many places, old oak cabinets that have defintiely seen better days, three layers of flooring including a top layer of peel and stick tiles that have started to unstick in inconvienent places, and a wicked draft coming out of the cabinets that we’re only assuming is coming from a poorly insulated wall or hole somehwere behind the cabinets (not to mention a plumbing junction that according to the last plumber that was in here, is upside down and causing our clogging problems…). Anyways, it was the last on our list due to the complexity of it all. Now that there’s a baby baking, there’s a ticking time clock on getting this done. It has to be done before the baby is delivered. This gives DH (and whatever helpers we can pull off the street with the promise of beer) 7 months – think we can do it?

Here’s that needs to be done:

– old vinyl tile flooring (all three layers) needs removed (25% done)
– new travertine flooring needs installed (task for this weekend – at least part of the floor)
– possible new under floor heating to be installed with the floor (that is if we dont need a new circut run for it)
– temporary kitchen needs assembled outside so we can do dishes and eat
– need to fill the propane tank so we can actually eat once the stove is disconnected
– cabinets need emptied
– cabinets need removed
– old built in pantry needs demoed
– light switch needs moved
– new cabinets need installed
– new countertop needs ordered (and then installed)
– new backsplash needs installed
– whole kitchen needs painted
– and i’m certain there’s a million little odds and ends that need to happen

You’d figure that with all my project management experience I’d have a project plan drawn up, with milestones, deliverables, and what not but no, I’m too tired after a full day of work to even think like that. I do have to put some sort of timeline together to keep us on track – otherwise it will be May and we’ll still have a torn up kitchen – yikes!

Wish us luck! I’ll take pics as we make progress..

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