Sep 292009

I have about 4 back blog posts that I need to finish and post but have been on vacation and am now in California for work (which leaves no play time at all:( ). I promise to try to finish some of those tonight and get them out. I’m also picture-less this post because I’m in Cali with no camera. I do have a fun post coming up once DH gets home and offloads some pics from this weekend – then you’ll have babybump galore!

How far along are you? 18 weeks!

Total Weight gain/loss? +6lb based on last weeks dr appt but after this weekend I’ll be surprised if I didn’t lose any weight…

Maternity clothes? Yup! (i’m pulling this one next week since they answer will always be yes from here on out!)

Stretch marks? Nope…not stretching enough yet for that to happen

Baby Movement? Felt a few good whacks the other day while we were relaxing after a day of hiking…

Best moment this week? Hiking 11 miles in to a lake to camp and feeling little bean kick me in gratitude that we finally stopped moving:)

Food Cravings? Fresh fruit of any kind…

Food Aversions? Nothing – it’s starting to be a problem!

Belly button in or out? Getting shallower most definitley.

Milestones? The Linea negra is starting to appear!

And congrats to my friend Yvonne who delivered little Emilyn over the weekend – 4 weeks early! 5lb 12 oz and doing just fine – she’s quite the little peanut!

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