Sep 012009

So, I’ve seen this little survey on other blogs and it was always fun to read so I figured I’d indulge you guys too!

How far along are you? 14 weeks!

Total Weight gain/loss? +5 based on my last appt. I think some of that is left over vacation weight from all the good starchy food in Germany! I’m avoiding the scale here at home so I can only guess what my pre pg weight was based on past history!

Maternity clothes? Still rocking the Bella Band and a few maternity shirts. I ordered some stuff from Old Navy online but everything was too big so it’s going back. So, I’m holding out as long as I can with just my bella band and a few shirts. I was very disappointed in the maternity selection at my local mall. You basically had Motherhood and Old Navy. Motherhood is waaaaaay too expensive for my tastes so I’m stuck with Old Navy. Not even my Macy’s or JC Penny had a maternity section…boo!

Stretch marks? None yet. I just spent $50 at The Body Shop for their coco butter stick but I’m hoping my genetics help me out here!!

Baby Movement? None

Best moment this week? Telling everyone – we finally let the cat out of the bag to everyone.

Food Cravings? It changes day to day, one day was enchiladas, the next was pickles. I’m very influenced by what I see on TV. Time to stop watching the Food channel!

Food Aversions? Nothing really – for once!

Belly button in or out? Still a cavern (i have the deepest belly button)

Milestones? Officially hitting the second trimester

And for your viewing pleasure – 14week belly pics:) A little change from last week but not much. I took these mid day since that’s about the mid point. I’m much larger at night than when I wake in the morning.

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