Aug 132009

So, I’ve been traveling for work this week so I’ve been bad at posting. Not a ton has happened lately but I did want to fill in the stories of telling DH’s family. So, here we go:

Telling MIL and FIL
We were trying to think of a special way to tell my in laws since this was their third grandbaby. Ever since we got back from Europe FIL’s been hitting me up for more pics of our trip (like the 120 he’s already been thru wasn’t boring enough:) ). Anyways, I figured that we could use that to our advantage and tell them. So, I picked another 15 or 20 images to put into a slide show and then let DH have at it with his masterful computer skillz! He put the images together and set the last two up to be a pic of me with the positive pregnancy test in my hands and a pick of the bean at 8 weeks. I’ll have to see if I can compress it enough to get up on here without causing problems. They were definitley suprised and even a bit teary eyed:) It was a fun way to tell them.

Telling SIL et. al…
The next day we all headed to my SIL’s house for lunch. She’s about 2 hours from MIL and 3.5 from us (so it was a long day of driving for sure!). Anyways, the idea was to rope my 4 year old nephew into telling everyone that there’s a baby in aunties tummy. So, DH took him off to the other side of the house on a piggy back ride and the rest of us were just talking in the living room. Well, nephew starts running around the playroom (about 100 feet from us) yelling “auntie has a baby in her belly”! I told him to come closer and tell mommy but he’s like “no, i already said it!”. Thankfully SIL and BIL heard and were like: “did I just hear him right? are you pregnant?”. haha…then they were like: “we knew! we totally knew! and if we were wrong we’d be really disappointed”! I asked how they knew and I guess the fact that we drove up to see them for just a few hours tipped them off (that and DH was very insistant that we do it sooner than later haha). It was really cute:)

And since we have filled them in, I’ve spilled the beans to a few more folks. I really need to stop for now though and wait until after our appt next week! I had to tell my boss because I was afraid it would break on Facebook. And i told a few i the know co-workers who knew about our struggles and that i’m close with. For now that’s it. I figure I’ll come out of the closet after our 12w appt next week.

Anyways, need to pack up and catch the shuttle. I’m headed home on the red eye tonight – yipee! I get back to hubs and the pup and my beloved doppler:)

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