Aug 022009

Things are just swimming along right now. The spotting has stopped thankfully although I’ve developed a new symptom that’s just plain annoying – having to get up in the middle of the night 2-3 times to pee! There goes my uninterrupted night of sleep now. Guess I better get used to it as that’s going to be the reality once this baby arrives!

I bought my first maternity clothes the other day. I ordered 2 bella bands, 2 old navy shorts and 2 old navy shirts. One pair of the shorts has to go back – they’re huge and by the time i’d fit them, it will be fall and I wont need them anymore. The bella bands are awesome! Since on some days I’m to the point where my shorts won’t fasten, the bella bands help span the gap and allow me to leave the pant undone to make it more comfy.

Anyways, not much else going on. We’re telling my parents on tuesday and the hubby’s parents the following weekend! Then i’m off on a business trip that will carry me thru my 11th week. I’m not sure i’m goign to tell anyone yet. I’ll be back in town again after my 12 week appt so I think I’ll wait until then.

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