Aug 032009

So, I swore to myself that I wouldn’t go and buy one of those home doppler devices but call it temporary insanity, I bought one on Amazon the other day:) Well, it arrived today and you can bet that I dropped everything I was doing and spent a good 30 min getting use to it and trying to find the heartbeat!

It did take about 10 min and lots of moving around to finally find it but there it was – beating 160 bpm! The first few movements revealed my heartbeat (which i found in lots of interesting places in my abdomen!). I could tell it was mine because it was really slow (about 100 bpm). Plus, i was able to match it up to my pulse in my neck. But finally, really low down, over my bladder, at a 45 degree angle pointing down towards my cervix, I found it! What an awesome sound!

Ah, i can sleep better at night knowing that I can listen to the little bean whenever I want. Now I’m just hoping that I can find it again tonight when DH gets home.

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