Aug 292009

So that cat’s out of the bag officially:) I outted myself on Facebook yesterday and with the exception of a few neighbors that will find out tonight most folks know now. This is really fun:) Now just waiting for the next big milestone – feeling the baby move. I have a few more weeks before that happens but I’m really looking forward to it.

Nothing much else is happening lately. I’m feeling better and better these days. Still tired some times but most of the other symptoms have let up thankfully. Now i’m just trying to enjoy my growing belly and the knowledge that there’s a little person in there!

I went looking for the HB last night with the doppler and found it immediately, the babe must be sitting towards the front and it’s up a bit higher than before. I could also hear him moving around and kicking at the doppler (it’s a very distinct “pop” sound when he does it).

PS. Yes, i’m calling it a he for now. I have no idea yet but my gut says boy so we’ll see. Our big U/S is Oct 15th – which is way too far away at this point!

Anyways, off to Ikea to buy our kitchen! We need to start renovating before this little bean gets here! Hopefully we can talk my dad and brother to come down and help hang cabinets when the time comes!:)

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