Aug 252009

Okay, I said I’d be brave and give you a belly shot this week. I still think much of it is bloat but I can’t fit into 90% of my pants now without the bella band so that must be something:)Our NT scan results are back and everything is great! We have a 1:1559 chance of a baby with Downs Syndrome and a 1:10,000 change of Trisomy 13 or 18 so those are fantastic odds! The geneticist said that my Downs odds were that of a 20 year old – ah to be that young again, haha!

The highlight this week is making it to 13w 3d and finally dropping into the second trimester where your miscarriage risk drops way down! I’ll go from about 5% to something like 1% so that will be a relief.

I’m still finding the HB on the doppler every few days and it’s getting easier and easier! Now i’m even picking up with the little bean moves because it causes feedback on the doppler! I imagine he/she punching (or kicking) the area where I’m pushing down saying “get away mom…”. The books i’m reading say that the baby responds to stimulus now so my poking around can provoke a reaction – if only we had a permanent window into my ute!

Symptom wise things are easing up (although they’ve never really been bad in the first place – i’ve been very very lucky!). I have alot of hip and pelvic pain (more aching than anything) that I’m almost positive is from my hips and pelvis shifiting and spreading to accomodate the growing child (who’s the size of a peach btw!). I’m still very tired and notice that it’s very easy to over do it but am finding that when it’s time to go to bed, I can’t sleep – what fun! And I really only get nauseous when i’m really tired or very hungry so I’m trying hard to just graze throughout the day and then take it easy in the evenings after dinner.

I did join the YMCA recently so I’ll have to start using that soon – hopefully in another week or so my energy levels increase and I’ll actually feeling like going for a swim! Anywho….things are moving right along! I can’t believe we’re already to the second tri! I think this is going to fly!

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