Aug 202009

Today was a day full of dr’s appts! We did our normal 12 week OB appt and then later in the day went for our NT scan (read: ultrasound) and bloodwork. So far everything looks perfect! The baby had all the right parts and measurements and was even kicking around in there which was crazy to see! It’s really starting to look like a little human with hands and feet and a profile!

So, even though we’re still a week shy of the second tri we’ve decided to let the cat out of the bag with folks and finally tell the rest of the family and set my mother loose to shout it from the mountain tops! I honestly think she’s been on the phone non stop since i called her after the appt to give her the all clear:) The woman is just going thru her roledex and I think it’s hilarious (and really cute, they’re so excited!).

I’ve scanned the new U/S pics for everyones enjoyment below:

Above is a profile of the bean, you can kind of see a hand hovering over the abdomen.
The image above is smaller but highlights the heart and the heartbeat! 176 going strong! The doc says that’s on the higher end of the range so if you believe in wives tales you may already have an idea of what that little bean is.

This one is a closeup of the face. The white areas are all bone and while it looks a little freaky (DH called it our little Skeletor), it shows all the bone in the right places. You can make out the jaw, nasal bone and even the start of the forhead and eye sockets!

Our next appt is in 4 weeks and then our next U/S is in 8 weeks (at 20 weeks 2ds) where we’ll find out what we’re having! Yes, we’re going to find out. DH and I are both HUGE planners and need to know so that we can prepare.

Maybe in the next post I’ll show a belly pic or two…I’ve been taking them every week but so far there’s not been much change. The bloat is finally going down and I think I see a little bump starting to form – how fun!

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