Jul 232009

There’s a bean in there and it has a heart beat! Well, we already knew that by wow, it’s grown by leaps and bounds!

For your comparison here’s 6 weeks:

and here’s 8 weeks:

Woot! We went from diamond ring to gummy bear! I didn’t get a count on the heart rate this time but the doc was happy with everything and put me on coast until our 12 week appt where we’ll get to at least hear the bean again!

According to the U/S I’m 8w 0d, by my LMP and their charts I’m 8w 2d, and by my count I’m 8w 1d….i’m going to go with their charts since, well, they’re the pros right?? Plus that puts me the furthest along:)

The hubster was able to tag along this time as well and was excited to have a picture to take home with him of the little bean. I still can’t believe there’s something in there! Aside from the constant mild nausea and the exhaustion you’d never know something was growing inside me!

Anyways, that’s the news for now. We’re going to the beach this weekend and will see my parents on Monday. We plan to tell them when we pick them up from the airport after their trip. I’ll be 9w 6d at that point.

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