Jul 202009

Almost to 8 weeks! The spotting has stopped finally! Yay! I feel so much better about this whole pregnancy now.

Symptoms come and go and today we’re experiencing sore BB’s (burny/pinchy type), general moodiness (a stressful work situation is not helping), exhaustion, and evening nausea. All in all though I’m doing pretty well most of the time.

I think my biggest problem right now is just handling work stress with the raging hormones. I’m on the verge of tears most times and most conversations and that’s not professional nor is it healthy. I’m overworked for sure and have alot of responsibility resting on my shoulders which makes them more hard on me than anyone. It’s a lose lose situation at the moment. If i shed responsibility and delegate, any decision made by my delegate is automatically my fault but if I keep the responsibility, i tend to drop the ball so I get yelled at again for that.

Trying to remember to just breath….

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