Jul 162009

Well, we made it 7 weeks! Holy cow. The baby is the size of a blueberry now according to babycenter.com. I actually had blueberries in the fridge so I grabbed one and gave it to DH and told him (as he ate it..haha) that that’s how big our bean is now. After getting over “eating our baby” he was amazed. It was the size of a sesame seed just two weeks ago! My how time flys and things grow!

Symptom wise i’m doing better i think – well, they’re shifting. The boobs are not as sore but the bloat is back in full force (thank goodness for summer dresses!) and I’m starting to get some nausea towards the evening. The spotting has slowed down to almost nothing now – yippe!!! That makes me feel so much better:) And I’m still exhausted.

Our next u/s is a week from today. Praying that everything goes well there and that we can tell our parents when we see them next. It’s their anniversary on the 28th and they’re taking a trip to Hawaii to celebrate. They’re flying out from the airport next to us and we’re puppy sitting so we’d planned on telling them when they got back. We’d be almost 10 weeks at that point!

I can’t wait to see my mom’s face when I tell her – she’s been waiting for a long time for this and knows about our IF issues. She actually asked the other day and I had to lie to her (I hate that). I told her our insurance was still pending and that we had to wait for it to be approved before we could move on with our next IUI. We just weren’t ready to tell (she’s goign to want to shout it from the mountain tops and I’d like to wait until at least 13 weeks to do that!)

Here’s to praying that this baby sticks and that my momma finally gets to be a g’ma:)

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