Jul 142009

So, the spotting has eased up. It’s still there but barely. I’ve been downing h2o like it’s going out of style – 24 oz at a time! Which means I’m also up to the bathroom about every 30 min – good thing I work at home and am only 10 steps from it:) I don’t loose much time that way.

Not much else to report other than complete and total exhaustion today. I felt okay yesterday but today it’s different. I’m bone tired again – kinda shaky and stuff. Just walking to the bathroom is an effort – forget steps! I have to stop half way to catch my breath. And oh boy, the bloat picked up something fierce this morning. Hello gummy pants and sweat shirts! It feels so much better just to let it hang out than to have to hold it in. Again, thank goodness i work from home. Having to dress to go into an office setting feeling like this would be torture!

Our 7 week mark is tomorrow which puts me into my 8th week of pregnancy. 2 months PG, how exciting! Still counting down to our dr’s appt – a week from Thursday so that we can see the little bean again. This time he should be much larger after having gone thru a growth spurt this past week. Cross your fingers and pray that he/she’s still in there hanging tight and growing like they should. This spotting always puts you on edge.

Thats it for now. I need to get back to work – focus has been something I’ve been lacking recently.

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